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"It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see."





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*The Dark Lord


undesirable number one.

sam and dean : wheeeeeeeeee by Bloody-Changeling


Sokka's wave by cyndaquil45

ma wonderfully amazing Twinny, my BOFF, BFF, and BPFF:
You are my beautiful Clark, the Arthur to my Merlin, the glue to my glitter, the Satan to my God, the Kirk to my Spock, the stalker to my murderer, the Dean to my Sam, fire to my air, my partner in awesomeness, my one in particular whom I will never deceive and never leave because I love you to infinity and Beyong.

awesomest people online <3
my twinny:
my beautiful Coke:
my fellow shanster:
my pasta loving besto Wakkoy:
my Ducky:
my reading buddy:
my.. I don't know what but I love her:

If you know me you probably know I'm not exactly a "shipper" of things. But, uh, I accidently started shipping someone with someone and I don't know... *whispers* percico is real ALSO I SHIP CONNIE SPRINGER WITH EVERYONE IN THAT SHOW

let's do this instead of talking about it

List your fandoms:
2) Teeno Wolfo
3) Percy Jackson and the Olympians
4) Harry Potter
5) Avatar: the Legend of Aang

The FIRST character I fell in love with:
2) Stileses.
3) Percy, of course, he is the bloody beautifulest thing ever I miss him
5) Aangy

The character I never expected to love as much as I do now:
1) Actually, Bobby. When they first brought him in I was like... what are you doing. But now...
2) SCOTTY! he had a wonky chin so I wasn't sure if I could trust him and it turns out that I actually CAN'T BECAUSE HE HURTS ME SO BAD
3) Nico. He was just a little annoying freckle.
4) Snape... hahah no wait I still hate him
5) Toph. I also thought she was annoying, but she's really TOUGH because iT sounds like Toph!

The character everyone else loves that I don't:
1) Balthazar? I don't know.
2) Derek
3) Annabeth bloody hell annabeth gosh darn yer a butt
4) Snape. idiot.
5) ...but... but I love everyone from Avatar

The character I used to love but don't any longer:
1) I...
3) Luke. But he's still pretty in the movies.
4) Dumblydore. I know, I'm so mean.
5) *see above*

The character I'd want to be like:
1) Gosh, this is a great, stable list to chose from... Um. Lucifer. He knows what he wants.
2) I am Stiles.
3) Grover, probably. What a nice guy.
4) Harry, minus all the dead friends.
5) SOKKAAAAAA the boomerang guy

The character I'd slap:
1) Deano. And Sammy. For being douches at the minute.
2) Stiles, for freaking me out.
3) Percy. Hyperactive shithead.
4) Malfoy.
5) Katara. Just because.

A pairing that I love:
1) *coughs and dies* destiel
2) Stiles and Scotty - AS FRIENDS
3) ....*whispers* percico
4) GRED AND FORGE you know 'cause they're bros
5) Uncle Iroh and tea

A pairing that I hate:
1) *sneezes and loses my soul* destiel
2) Sterek. What the f--
3) Percabeth. I get that they're together but also no. Percy. No.
4) Harry and Ginny in the movies. Ew. Spew. Also Fred and Hermione. They never even speak to each other. God.
5) Sokka and his boomerang

Favorite character:
1) Castiel.
2) Stiles and scotty you can't have one without the other
3) Perseus Jacksonus.
4) Harry. because it's Harry.
5) Aangy.

My five least favorite characters:
1). John Winchester
2). Allison. Sorreh.
3). Annabeth. Sorreh again.
4). Professor Umbridge.
5). Azula.

Which character I am most like:
1) Garth.
2) Stileses.
3) Grover.
4) Ronald.
5) Sokka.

My deep, dark fandom secret:
1) I want the series to end with Sammy or Deano dying.
2) The effects and fight scenes are lameo.
3) Percy Jackson is better than Heroes of Olympus
4) None of the characters are good looking, but they're all beautiful, you get me?
5) I want to be in this world.

Fun timeses
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  • Listening to: Fall Out Boy
  • Reading: Moonset
  • Watching: Heroes

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